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Premium Radon Mitigation System Installed in Greenwich, CT

Before: Concerned about radon levels in Greenwich, CT. After: Peace of mind with their newly installed premium radon mitigation system! Breathe easy knowing your home is safer and healthier. ?

Sealing Foundation Openings in Wilton, CT

Radon usually enters the home from cracks and openings in the foundation. Sealing these openings helps prevent radon gases from entering your home.

From Hazard to Haven: Transforming Air Quality in a 1950 Fairfield Home

Before: Nestled in the heart of Fairfield, CT, a home built in 1950 faced a silent but significant challenge. Radon levels, both in the basement and on the slab, alarmingly peaked at 11, far above the EPA's recommended safety level. The residence, with its traditional charm, hid beneath it a health risk that went unnoticed day by day. The setup included two rudimentary pipes, one in the foundation and one in the slab, inadequately equipped to handle the severity of radon infiltration. The sump pump sat exposed, a testament to the home's aging infrastructure, with no measures in place to control moisture, a critical factor in radon accumulation.


After: The transformation of the Fairfield home is a narrative of technological advancement and safety prioritization. At the heart of the mitigation strategy was the installation of the Eagle Extreme fan, a model chosen for its robust performance and reliability. This system, now fully operational, has dramatically reduced radon levels to a safe 2.5, turning the home from a hazard to a haven. The dual-pipe system, meticulously designed, directs radon from beneath the home and safely out the left side, preventing any re-entry into living spaces. In addressing the challenge of moisture, a strategic decision was made to install a moisture guard. This critical component works seamlessly with the radon mitigation system to ensure a dry and efficient operation, safeguarding the foundation and interior from the risks of dampness. Furthermore, the decision to leave the sump pump uncovered, yet protected, maintained the home's integrity while ensuring easy access for maintenance and inspections. To underscore the commitment to health and safety, the installation was concluded with the provision of a system warranty. This warranty serves as a pledge of quality and effectiveness, offering the homeowners peace of mind and confidence in their newly secured environment.


The Result: Today, the Fairfield home stands as a model of indoor air quality transformation. Through targeted interventions and the integration of advanced mitigation technologies, the house has been reborn as a safe, healthy living space. The once-concerning radon levels are now a thing of the past, allowing the residents to breathe easy and enjoy their home with renewed comfort and assurance.

Before and After: Interior Aesthetic Package for Radon Mitigation System in Trumbull, CT


Initially, the home presented a common challenge faced by many homeowners requiring radon mitigation: the necessity of installing a mitigation system without disrupting the home's interior aesthetics. The prospect of visible pipes and equipment often raises concerns about the impact on a home's design and living environment. Homeowners typically worry about the system being obtrusive, especially when pipes must be run through prominent living spaces to effectively vent radon gas outside.



With the introduction of our Interior Aesthetic Package for Radon Mitigation Systems, the transformation is both functional and visually pleasing. In this particular home, we successfully installed the radon mitigation system's pipe through the roof, ensuring effective radon gas reduction while maintaining the home's aesthetic appeal.


The pipe is discreetly routed to minimize its visibility and impact on the home's interior design. Special care was taken to ensure the pipe's entrance and exit points are seamlessly integrated into the home's existing structures, making the system virtually invisible to the inhabitants and visitors alike. The result is a radon mitigation solution that not only significantly lowers radon levels to make the home safer but also preserves the integrity of the home's design.


Homeowners now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with effective radon mitigation, without compromising on the beauty and cohesion of their interior spaces. This approach represents a perfect blend of functionality and design, ensuring safety without sacrificing style.

Before and After of Crawl Space Encapsulation in a Home in Westport, CT

Before Encapsulation: The crawl space in a Westport, CT home was once a source of concern - damp, musty, and prone to mold growth. This not only affected the air quality of the home but also posed a risk to the structural integrity of the property, making it a hidden problem area beneath the living spaces. After Encapsulation: After completing the crawl space encapsulation in the Westport home, the transformation is remarkable. The previously damp and musty area is now a dry, clean, and sealed environment. This upgrade has significantly improved the home's air quality and energy efficiency, while also protecting it from potential moisture-related damages. The homeowners can now enjoy a healthier living space and a more robust foundation for their home.

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